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Material Handling Equipments

Warehouzez ensures that all goods are handled with the best equipment. Therefore, we help businesses the safe transit of goods at their place. Our handling techniques are as robust as our workers' experience, we use the best handling equipment to make work easy and faster.

You Take Care of Selling It, We'll Take Care of the Rest

We make sure that the warehouse storage and shipping are done correctly with the minimum errors. We also fulfill the requirements like coupons, brochures or inserts, apply stickers, or gift wrap, etc. Warehouzez can manage the special needs on a project basis so that the products are ready to go exactly as desired.


Your Special Projects Matter

Manual or Electric Stacker

The options of Manual or Electric Stackers is readily available at all centers to reduce the time and lift loads and place them on shelves or rack beams. It helps to keep the goods higher and higher on racks and to become a stack, to make our work easy and clean.

Heavy-duty Racks

The Heavy-duty racks are the smart way of storage of medium to heavy goods as It is easy to adjust, safe and adaptable storage system. With racks in less space, a high amount of goods can be stored with a wide variety of items that provide quick and organized access to all stored items.

Fork Lift for heavy Pallets

Warehouzez aggregates different types of Forklifts like the battery-operated forklifts with a platform attached at the front to ensure the safety of the goods. Different Forklifts with different capacities, are available within the Warehouzez network to support the heavy load needs of its customers.