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Industrial property is used for industrial purposes. It sounds simple, but it comes in all shapes and sizes and covers a huge range of business types. We support heavy material like steel, oil. gas, iron and many more. Small industrial sites include single or double-storey buildings zoned for industrial use. We often have flexible interior space, usually a mix of warehouse and office space. ‘Flex’ spaces are used by small businesses such as mechanics and start-ups..

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Provide Industrial Warehouse

On the larger end of the scale are the ‘big box’ industrial spaces. These enormous industrial spaces are used as logistics and distribution centers that hold and then distribute finished goods to stores and/or directly to customers. If you think of the type of warehouse Amazon would have, you will get the idea.

What Makes Warehouzez Better?

Heavy Machines

One of the attractive aspects of Warehouzez give is an industrial property for your heavy machines, boilers, Iron bars, Steel bar, Steelreod, odd dimension and many more. We help you in every field of industry.

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Heavy Machiness

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Longer Leases

Longer Lease

Warehouzez trusts you and believes you to stay longer and longer. We make a strong and healthy connection which helps to have great success. For that, we provide long lease that makes clients happy. After all, the Client is king for us.

Maintenance buildings

Warehouzez always works on the maintenance of heavy industry material. It is easy to build an empire but what takes a lot is maintenance. We strongly work on it. Your Material is in our hand, we will take care of it anyways.

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Maintenance buildings