24*7  Live Supply Chain Services

Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

Warehouzez's technology bouquet has the API integration feature with Amazon, Flipkart, etc for seamless user experience, so when a customer places an order on your site, we take care of the picking, packing, and shipping.

We'll Do The Heavy Lifting

Our Client can focus on getting the customers, developing your product, marketing, sales, and taxes, the last thing they need to be worried about is warehousing and shipping of their products. At Warehouzez, we ensure that the goods are moved and stored securely and efficiently, relieving as much burden from our client as possible.


How Our E-Commerce Fulfillment Works

Store Your Product In Our Warehouse

Ecommerce fulfillment starts with the product being stored in any of our 200 warehouses nationwide. We continue to build or network of warehouses to provide the last mile connectively which intern saves the supply chain costs for our clients.

Receive an Order

Online portals are probably where most of the sales are made, therefore The Warehouzez's technology bouquet seamlessly integrates with Flipkart, Amazon, etc. Once you get an order, we get to work.

We Pick, Pack, and Ship Your Order

Warehouzez takes care of picking, packing, and shipping of millions of orders every day so that you can focus less on logistics and more on growing your business.

You Make Your Customer Happy

Indeed, it's all about customer satisfaction. This is why we make sure to take care of inventory with high level of accuracy and technology support. Whether its storage, picking and packing, shipping your order, or integrating with the online shopping portals, we make the process simple.